Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The First Amendment, which was established by Congress in 1787, reveals and enforces our basic freddoms including speech, assembly, and press. Recently, some "adults" filed several irrational complaints about novels and materials we were reading. Not only have they taken one of our books in the process of us reading them, but SEVEN books have been taken out of our possession. We feel as if these thoughts expressed major violations of our rights, and we are outraged with out lack of option to take action.
First off, the reasons for pulling our books were unacceptable. They may contain sexual content, a very limited amount of curse words, and violence, but we ARE mature sophomores and juniors. We are supposed to be growing up and learning about things in life. We are exposed to this kind of nature everyday in society. It's nothing to us to hear an explicit word out on the streets. Why throw a fit and get your undies in a wad over a book that talks about EVERYDAY LIFE?
Secondly, Why purchase books these books in the first place? From experience, we enjoy reading these books. They catch out attention, and they have us absolutely hooked. The emotions that they unveil have us thrilled to continue on reading. These books are purchased for the library just to sit in there and not be read. When somebody feels the urge to read them, they decide to take them. We just cannot understand why.
Lastly, We feel as if the removal of our books takes away our last freedom left in school. We have no freedoms in school besides reading.We're trying to be students, and pursure reading. W can't exactly do that when are books are constantly removed.
So, you can see, We are extremely mad about our books being removed. All we hope for is our books being returned and for people to see the point we are really trying to get across.


  1. I love the energy that you guys put into this piece. I hate that your books have been taken from you; I really do.

    Follow the guidelines I give you very closely. There are four parts of an editorial, but I only see two of them on here. They should be clear. You are missing the first part: who you are and why you're writing. And the fourth part: A suggested solution to help your administrators fix this problem. Think on both sides of the fence to deliver a kick-butt editorial. You're *this* close. If you'll fix it, I'll modify your grade.