Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boot Camp Book Jacket


Could It Be intermingling and the intimate relationship between his teacher and himself? Could it be the fifty dollars he stole from his "cash money millionaire" parents? Could it be the pot he willingly smoked with his friends? Is he just following the rugged path of life that seems to be leading him nowhere? What in the world did Garrett do? The blue group is following Garrett Durrell, a teenager, as he faces the trials and tribulations to survive the inhumane treatment he receives from Lake Harmony Boot Camp. He seems to take the verbal and physical abuse from everyone there. EVERYONE. Joe, who is the "father" of his group, is especially terrible at humiliating him. He calls him unnecessary and inappropriate names, and gives higher level children such as Ron and Jon the oppurunity to physically mistreat him. He has to use the bathroom in front of everyone else. He has to run and exercise like a marine would every morning. The food here seems to be unpleasant. He misses Sabrina, the teacher, and he can't seem to understand why his parents would send him here. How could it get any worse?

On a positve note, Garrett has one possible friend, Pauly. Garrett may not be too fond on Pauly, but he may be his only hope to survive. Civilization is scare. Studying is the only thing close to a normal life of a teenager. He has to turn to something. Besides, Pauly needs a decent aquantance after taking torture as well. The older boys threaten to even take his life because hes "no good."
Pauly also has a friend by the name of Sarah. She has been here for an extended amount of time. They have an idea; maybe not the brightest. Running away? Isn't that a potential reason some of the kids are here in the first place? Garrett isn't sure; he must consider the possible consequences. His actions have gotten his this far; how much farther can they get him?

Could running to Canada be the best option? Can saying 'yes sir' and 'no sir' get him out of here the easy way? Will Garrett follow through with the plan of Sarah and Pauly? Can Garrett continue to handle all the nose bleeds and cuts, or does he find worth in this idea that could affect the rest of his life?


  1. Cool book jacket! I love the voice and the suspense! The rhetorical questions are a nice addition as well. Great job!


    You don't have to write nearly this much. Check out a book jacket on any book. It's about two paragraphs at the most.

    Also, you might be giving away too much information. While you don't give the ending, you still might want to save the rising action for the reader. Just give them a taste and leave them chewing. :) :) :)

  2. One more thing: Black on green is really hard to read. :)

  3. Last thing: where are your vocabulary words? :/