Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Book Jacket for Killing Britney

Killing Britney is as insane as it sounds. Britney is literally driven insane after facing and coping with he tragedies that have put a damper on her life.

La La La La I Can't Hear You, Kristyn's Pretty Much Here To Set The Scene!

I just wanted to say hello, and I hope everyone reading this is oh so jealous of our fabulous blogging skills, *cough cough* ME!, Just kidding guys, cool your rockets:) well enjoy!

Greg Is Gonna Free Write Everybody RUN!!!!!!!!!

Well I'm getting really fed up with all the people spreading rumors about me... So... I'm gonna set a few things straight. First I'm not a gang member I don't even really know of any gangs in Mt. Sterling. Second I do not do drugs. I have enough of a brain to not ruin my life and spend all my money on crack and meth so... Thanks to everyone who supports me and to those of you who like to run your lips please PLEASE KEEP TALKIN it gives me somethin to do!!!!!!

Thanks To All Of You Who Are Flappin Your Lips

Ahhh The Stupid Lights. Kristyn's Back:) Cycle Tres!

I AM FREE WRITING!!!!!! So here goes nothing...Last weekend I went to a motocross race in Powell County and watched my boyfriend race. I got really muddy by the way, decided to share that with you. Ummm....I'm so ready for homecoming this friday, I really don't know why but i get way to excited for stupid things but its whatever keeps the boat afloat dude. Besides the fact i'm completely losing sanity on this blog, I have to say something about how i enjoy my group and this class. Now about me...hmmm...I wonder what I could say...OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I ever say i'm really loud:) Haha now you know!;D

Greg Is Back In The Spotlight

The biggest crowd I've ever been in was this past year at The Gathering there were 150,000 people jam packed in one arena. The Gathering is a massive two day concert it features bands like Insane Clown Posse Twiztid Boondox A.B.K. Dark Lotus Hatchet House Psychopathic Rydas Jumpsteady Nate The Mack Blaze Yo Dead Homie and before his death ODB It is one place where 150,000 JUGGALOS can be together as one big family. I love the concert

Nicoles in the Bloglight! cycle 3 (: I Love My "Big Green Tractor!!"

Country music would have to be one of my favorite things to listen to... Brad Paisley is my hero, hes gorgeous... A lot of the music soothes me when im angry or upset... A lot of people don't care for it and thats cool... Country music is simply amazing!!!

Kristyn is blinded by the spotlight and is now dimming the lights:) Cycle Tres!

I think of country music as a excuse for me to throw things because of the fact that all country music artists sing about is how their dog died and their wife took their truck. No offense to anyone out there reading this who enjoys this noise which makes my ears bleed. But any who i have nothing else to say about country music without getting too in detail:)

Gabbis In The Bloglight! Cycle 3 (:

The Largest Crowd I've ever been in was just this past weekend. I've never been amongst so many people in my life, or at least that's the way it felt. The number of people that entered the park was a remarkable 71,988. When I heard the announcer release the number, I wasn't at all surprised. The stadium wasn't quite large enough to comfortably accommodate that many people. There were people standing up in the aisles, and even people sitting on one anothers laps to make more room. The weather was humid as well, and being with 71,987 people make it feel like a sauna. There wasn't an empty seats in the Cat's house, literally. GO BLUE! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gabbi is in the spotlight..once again !:)

"Live Like you were Dying."

The Colomber
Stefano lived as if he were dying, and he ended up dying. He was constantly reminded of how curious he was about what was going on at sea. He never let himself settle for no answer. He took the risk and approached it. They always have said curiousity killed the cat. He lived as if he had no fear about what the shark would do.

The Contents of the Dead Mans Pocket
Tom Benecke always put his work first. He had so much more to cherish than a promotion. When Tom almost died upon the ledge, he realized there is so much more in life to live for. He had a wife that he really loved, and she seemed to be the overbearing strength he exerted while on the ledge. He had to get his priorities straight before he lost it all. There is so much more to life than money and rank. He made a decision to go out on the ledge, which could've caused death. He lived like he was dying, like his tomorrow was a gift and it was up to him to decide what you would do with it...What would you do with it?

Kristyn Doesn't Need A Spotlight She Has A Flashlight:) Cycle Dos!

Traitors Never Play Hangman By Bring Me The Horizon:)

This is what the edge of your seat was made for. Holding on. Nothing to lose. And this is what the back of your hand was made for. Stolen apologies. You're a traitor to my heart. You're a traitor to us all. For saken.This over indulgence of consciousness has torn a day apart, And lingered in the splendeaour of the feeling in my stomach. Trailing down the shadow of cupped hands Covering my face away from the need to talk to my miscalculation.Were all movie stars! x3 And I'm speaking these words. And I'm talking to the mirror. You're a traitor to my heart. You're a traitor to us f****** all. And I don't want to kiss anyone but you. I F****** love you.

Nicole's In The Spotlight!!!

When we came back to school the first week was really hectic... The hallways were a total mess to me... I wasn't really use to being with all of the upper classmen... At lunch it was hard to find places to eat until they started letting us eat outside... As the year goes on it has become easier to get to class and lunch.

Greg Stole The Spotlight WAHOO!!!!


My favorite childhood memory is the Christmas that I got my first guitar. It was a Crate guitar players pack. It had a guitar, a strap, 5 guitar picks, and an amplifier. As soon as I opened it i plugged it up and immediatly started to try to play. But... when i first started i was completely terrible. I still own the guitar. I still play it as loud as possible. But now I am quite a bit better.

Kristyn's In The Spotlight Cycle Uno:)

If Kristyn was A color...She would be...umm....A neon color...I chose this color becasue I'm loud and in your face all the time. I'm a very colorful person, bright colors make my day! My nails are always painted neon colors or black. I own almost every clothing item in every color possible, yeah I'm an impulse shopper:)

Gabbi's in the spotlight! Cycle 1

My most embarrassing moment was just recently. We took a screening test in math to see what we already know. One parituclar question absolutely make me blush when i found out i missed! It was: "What would you measure degrees with?" We all know the obvious answer is a thermometer, but being too blonde got to me. I marked the letter choice that had the answer "ruler." Not only was this embarrassing to me personally, but I was REALLY embarassed when I found out I was the only one in the whole class that got it incorrect. I told my best friend sitting behind me about it, and she couldn't help but to laugh out loud. The teacher figured something was up with our mid-class random laughter! :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The First Amendment, which was established by Congress in 1787, reveals and enforces our basic freddoms including speech, assembly, and press. Recently, some "adults" filed several irrational complaints about novels and materials we were reading. Not only have they taken one of our books in the process of us reading them, but SEVEN books have been taken out of our possession. We feel as if these thoughts expressed major violations of our rights, and we are outraged with out lack of option to take action.
First off, the reasons for pulling our books were unacceptable. They may contain sexual content, a very limited amount of curse words, and violence, but we ARE mature sophomores and juniors. We are supposed to be growing up and learning about things in life. We are exposed to this kind of nature everyday in society. It's nothing to us to hear an explicit word out on the streets. Why throw a fit and get your undies in a wad over a book that talks about EVERYDAY LIFE?
Secondly, Why purchase books these books in the first place? From experience, we enjoy reading these books. They catch out attention, and they have us absolutely hooked. The emotions that they unveil have us thrilled to continue on reading. These books are purchased for the library just to sit in there and not be read. When somebody feels the urge to read them, they decide to take them. We just cannot understand why.
Lastly, We feel as if the removal of our books takes away our last freedom left in school. We have no freedoms in school besides reading.We're trying to be students, and pursure reading. W can't exactly do that when are books are constantly removed.
So, you can see, We are extremely mad about our books being removed. All we hope for is our books being returned and for people to see the point we are really trying to get across.