Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gabbi is in the spotlight..once again !:)

"Live Like you were Dying."

The Colomber
Stefano lived as if he were dying, and he ended up dying. He was constantly reminded of how curious he was about what was going on at sea. He never let himself settle for no answer. He took the risk and approached it. They always have said curiousity killed the cat. He lived as if he had no fear about what the shark would do.

The Contents of the Dead Mans Pocket
Tom Benecke always put his work first. He had so much more to cherish than a promotion. When Tom almost died upon the ledge, he realized there is so much more in life to live for. He had a wife that he really loved, and she seemed to be the overbearing strength he exerted while on the ledge. He had to get his priorities straight before he lost it all. There is so much more to life than money and rank. He made a decision to go out on the ledge, which could've caused death. He lived like he was dying, like his tomorrow was a gift and it was up to him to decide what you would do with it...What would you do with it?

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