Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bradley's name is FRANK now.

Frank is free writing again. Once again I am in the ever so boring computer lab with nothing to write about. It is now 11:44. I am very bored. It is now 11:45. I am still quite bored and there is nothing to do but type. It is now 11:46. All I'm doing is typing away inthe boring compututer lab. it is now 11:49. i'm so board. im afraid tpying has board me so much that im startin to make misteaks. it's now 11:51. i fear that if i don't end this post soon i'll become a bored, lifeless, zombie so i'm going to stop.

Johnaura's Journal

Free write
Well today we get out for thanksgiving break, I am so happy because my family and I might go to Chicago. I am also happy because this means that I have time to do things that are really important to me like work on music and help my family out. If I have a really good attitude then i will get a cell phone by Friday morning so i have to try to have a good attitude.

Bradley thinks the spotlight SHUT UP!!!

Bradley is freewriting once again. Yesterday, someone tried to guess my name and the first name they said was Frank. After telling them my name wasn't Frank I told them my name was Bradley and they just couldn't believe it! Appearently, I look so much like a "Frank", that having a name like Bradley is unbeleivable! When I told a friend about it, they even said I look like a "Frank"! Once I got home, I got a blue and white t- shirt that I haven't worn yet and wrote FRANK. I am wearing it today.

Gabbi Renee's journal :)

So tomorrrow we FINALLY get to have a break from school. I've waited long enough. I can't wait for our first snow...i just hope it's not while im sitting at the UK game Saturday. I hope it can wait. I hope im able to walk after eating all this food. Last game of the season should be nice. Even though its a highly emotional time for every fan in the stadium and the players who represent us out on the field. All the accomplishments play over like a film in your mind and you can't help but smile..and sometimes even shed a tear. Thats all for now! Go wildcats!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Johnaura's Journal

I am new to the state of Kentucky I don't really like it but I guess it could be ok. Everyone is always talking about UK I really don't like UK I think the suck but hey thats just me I am a Duke fan.

Free Writing Again (GREG)

I am going to get my permit on Wednesday November 18, 2009 I can't wait to feel the freedom of driving. I won't have to rely on people to take me places. So that really excites me. I also get paid next week. I should have a good check I work enough


I'm pretty excited for Thanksgiving! We have a week of school left from today. All of my family from Illinois and Iowa fly in. It's the only time besides Christmas that we are ALL united together. We all hug each other and give compliments on how much we've changed. It's always a blast when were all together. We begin with a family prayer where everyone says what they are most thankful for. All of us then eat until we know we will bust if we eat anymore :) Maybe it'll snow? Can't wait for Christmas!

Thanksgiving Article

Thanksgiving is a time for people all across the United States to give thanks. They celebrate with parades, lots of food, and spending time with their friends and family. The tradition began several years ago with the pilgrims and their search for freedom. They landed on Plymouth Rock. Their special friends the Native Americans helped them to plant crops and taught them the way to survive with pretty much nothing. They had a huge feast together to celebrate. Now we all tell what we are thankful for and have a meal with the people that we love. This holiday has changed so much.

Turkey Quiz!

1. Turkey and gravy is a --------- to Thanksgiving!
c. obsequious

2.When Thanksgiving is over, I am very ----------

3. When the turkey is served, I'm always to a ------- state over the biggest piece
a. abstemious
b. hubris
c. bellicose

4. The turkey is probably ------ when it is being hunted.
a. infrastructure

Friday, November 6, 2009


We Are Worried About You

Mrs. Mullins We are all worried and praying for you we are hoping thatyou and your family are ok hopefully you didn't get your kids or man sick. I really miss you. We are really ready for you to come back we hope you are getting well. Oh did I mention you aren't allowed to get sick anymore!!! You are very sorely missed by the students and the subs alike. I really honestly don't think they have a clue what they are doing. We all miss your teaching so GET WELL SOON

4th Period

Gabbi's Journal

Free Write
This weekend is a big one for sports in the Bluegrass. Kentucky basketball cats take on John Calipari's alma mater Clarion. Can't wait to see that game! Im sure it'll be another Campbellsville game. Saturday, we play EKU. If Kentucky's defense doesn't step up there game, our season may possibly be out of the stadium and down the drain. We've got so much to prove, and only 4 quarters to prove it in. I'm pretty pumped though! Hope I have good tailgating food :) GO BIG BLUE!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The spotlight is annoying Bradley

My favorite movie in the whole world is Reservoir Dogs. IT'S THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!! For a movie that is mostly dialogue, it is a very good movie. I give this movie two thumbs up.

Bradley and the spotlight are freinds now

Bradley's Book Poem
The book I am reading is Thick
And it is ironically thin
and when I was reading it last night
I really hurt my shin.

Monday, November 2, 2009

TURTLE!!! :)


Bradley isn't mad at the spotlight any more

I'm freewriting again and I have no clue what I should write about. I'm sitting in the computer lab and it's BORING! It is now 11:44. I'm still very bored but maybe something exciting will happen soon. It is now 11:45. Nothing has happend yet but hopefuly something will happen soon. It is now 11:46. I have lost all hope of anything remotely interesting happening and have decided to end this blog.

Journal- Gabbi (:

Lit Cirlce Poem
My book is Thick
Somebody is accused of killing some in cold blood
Without a Trace
Confession is the great struggle of most men
Its something we all must stare in the face
It stops our worlds from turning at one point in time
This book is great so far
The Deep Mystery I yet to discover

Nicole is ...

Nicole is free writing... again...
I was sick with the flu all weekend and it sucked...
I layed in bed everyday, all day...
Except for Friday night, I went bowling with Tiffany Rice and her mom and step-dad...
It was pretty fun...
I talked to Ethan most of it and Saturday night when he was suppose to come see me he got in a wreck and tore up his Ferrari and shattered his ribs...
Sunday i slept all day...
And that's about it for my weekend...
Peace :)

Free Writing Keeps The World Turning (Greg)

I don't know what to write so I am gonna tell you about the wonderful Sunday I had. It started out OK. I got a good breakfast. Then I got called into work early. Which was OK because it was a Sunday which means business is slow. Being called in early means more money for me. Then I got asked to stay late, which also means more money. But when about 7:30 rolled around a "friend" of mine decided that he wanted to snort 2 10 milligram Oxycodones. This really messed with my head just due to the fact that drugs have had a very negative impact on my life. I was filled with an almost uncontrollable rage. I couldn't control myself I asked my manager to talk to me so I wouldn't lose what little bit of cool I actually had left. I finally said that I needed to go home and I got sent home but I didn't lose out on any hours I actually got an hour and a half overtime. So that was my lovely Sunday.

Blood Brothers Bookjacket

Blood Brothers is an extraordinary story of heartwarming friendship and brotherly love. Clay and Joey are almost inseparable. Clay is the moiety of Joey; two peas in a pod. They have opposite lifestyles but still seem to be an honest example of best friends forever. Clay- no money , broken family, and enormous dreams of growing up and saving lives. Joey- loaded to say the least, popular, and what seems to be everything. The bright future soon comes to an end for one. Drugs from an unknown source send Joey into a drastic coma. Clay will fight and take extreme, outrageous measures to find the source of evil. He wont be obsequious; he will do whatever it takes. He will be acumen; he has to be for closure, for his friendship with his best friend for 10 years. What will come of this dramatic situation? Read along as the author tries to inculcate a real life lesson through a heart wrenching story.