Monday, November 2, 2009

Free Writing Keeps The World Turning (Greg)

I don't know what to write so I am gonna tell you about the wonderful Sunday I had. It started out OK. I got a good breakfast. Then I got called into work early. Which was OK because it was a Sunday which means business is slow. Being called in early means more money for me. Then I got asked to stay late, which also means more money. But when about 7:30 rolled around a "friend" of mine decided that he wanted to snort 2 10 milligram Oxycodones. This really messed with my head just due to the fact that drugs have had a very negative impact on my life. I was filled with an almost uncontrollable rage. I couldn't control myself I asked my manager to talk to me so I wouldn't lose what little bit of cool I actually had left. I finally said that I needed to go home and I got sent home but I didn't lose out on any hours I actually got an hour and a half overtime. So that was my lovely Sunday.

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