Monday, November 2, 2009

Blood Brothers Bookjacket

Blood Brothers is an extraordinary story of heartwarming friendship and brotherly love. Clay and Joey are almost inseparable. Clay is the moiety of Joey; two peas in a pod. They have opposite lifestyles but still seem to be an honest example of best friends forever. Clay- no money , broken family, and enormous dreams of growing up and saving lives. Joey- loaded to say the least, popular, and what seems to be everything. The bright future soon comes to an end for one. Drugs from an unknown source send Joey into a drastic coma. Clay will fight and take extreme, outrageous measures to find the source of evil. He wont be obsequious; he will do whatever it takes. He will be acumen; he has to be for closure, for his friendship with his best friend for 10 years. What will come of this dramatic situation? Read along as the author tries to inculcate a real life lesson through a heart wrenching story.

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