Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kristyn Has Got Too Take The Spotlight Once More!:)

Starting Friday night my boyfriend and I went out to eat with his brother and sister and their friends at El Camino...Yummy...And then after that we went to the movies to watch Zombieland(best movie ever), anywho i had tons of fun. That following morning i had to go and compete at Ky Kingdom for Xtreme Elite Allstars and Coach my mini team..boy are they cute...Later on that night me and Ben(my Boyfriend) went to a haunted house called Nightmare House in Lexington, in a big, old, run down warehouse behind an industrial park...i got the crap scared out of me...haha I hid behind him the whole time...what a chicken but besides that fact it was very fun and interesting...well that's all for now. Believe me you will soon here from me again.


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