Friday, October 9, 2009

Bradley HATES being in the spotlight!

There have been many times I thought I was going to die, but the most terrifying was my first Court Day. I was 4 years old when my mom finally let me go to Court Day and I was excited to be going. On the sunday of Court Day weekend me, my mom, my sister, and her friend all went to the Chinese restaraunt after church to celebrate my sister's friend's birthday. When we left I decided to take some chopsticks with me. The next day my mom took me to Court Day and I bought just about everything I saw. On our way home I found the chopsticks in the car and continued to pay with them. We got home and I was so excited to play with my new toys that I bolted up the front porch stairs. I forgot I had the copsticks in my hand and I tripped. When I hit the ground, a chopstick stabbed my eyelid and scraped down the side of my face. That day I learned a valuable lesson... DON'T RUN WITH SHARP OBJECTS.

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  1. Crazy story! This could easily be flipped into a personal narrative.

    Great journal.